Officers & Directors


President:                        Pauline Benton

                                        Permit Pals

President Elect:               Lisa Absher
                                        Ashe County

Vice-President:                Cindy Nelson               
                                        Town of Sunset Beach

Secretary:                        Marlene Crosby
                                        Town of Boone

Treasurer:                        Colleen Doig
                                         Town of Garner


Director, Region 1:          Martha Robinson
                                        Jackson County

Director, Region 2:          Kathy Melton
                                        City of Shelby


Director, Region 3:          Carole Frye
                                        City of Rockingham

Director, Region 4:          Patricia Hickmon
                                        Town of Spring Lake

Director, Region 5:          Tammy Owens

                                        Onslow County